Recommended reading

So You Want to be a Freemason?
by Julian Rees B.

Freemasonry for Beginners
by Robert Lomas C.

Freemasonry – The Reality
by Tobias Churton

I Just Didn’t Know That               
by Neville Barker Cryer  

Notes for a Candidate for Freemasonry

A Guide to Masonic Symbolism              
by Duncan Moore B.

Fred’s Five Minute Talks:
Your Masonic Questions Answered

by Fred Lomax

Harry Carr’s World of Freemasonry
by Harry Carr B.

Know Thyself
by Michael Schiavello C.

The Key To Modern Freemasonry,
The Hidden Mysteries Of Nature And Science

by Charles Lawrence

The Stairway Of Freemasonry
by Julian Rees C.